Some News on New Improvements

We are constantly making improvements to our systems, which is why we’ve recently added tools to make it easier for our customers to support users of their online applications. Our new “Need Help” button is an optional feature which can be enabled on customer facing login pages. Clicking this button sends a request with user comments and technical details to an email address of your choice and also automatically cc’s our tech support team. We provide proactive server monitoring along with built-in customer support and troubleshooting features in order to make your users’ online experience smooth and seamless.

As always, our experts are on call to help you decide which options are most efficient and cost effective for your company’s use. Within increasingly cloud focused markets, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge, which is why we strive to always keep improving our service. To learn more about taking advantage of these features or getting started with our cloud service, feel free to reach out.

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