What’s the Big Fuss About With Cloud Computing?

Everyone from businesses with under 10 employees to the U.S. Department of Defense are throwing their hat into the cloud computing ring. While cloud based software is now a more prevalent technology than ever before, its true potential is lost on many people within affected industries. To understand what the big fuss is about, one must first understand that cloud technology has two basic possible uses, depending on company needs. These may be broken down as internal and external.


From Point-Of-Sale systems to custom workorder applications, internet based software solutions can save businesses a lot of time and money by streamlining communication and data transfers with ultimate accessibility.


Here’s where the real money is. A few years ago, a large portion of software buyers would have been put off by a pay-monthly pricing model. But the market has since been weaned into subscription software services by major industry players. Within current Software-as-a-Service milieu, cloud accessibility is basically a precondition for market entry. Read our article on the SaaS market here.

Cloud computing is a quickly evolving trend

The cloud is a lucrative space to be for businesses big and small right now, but as with any rapidly growing market, competition will get tougher with time. All the more reason to get in the game now! Check out Datamark.Live to see what options are available for taking your software to the cloud.

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