Converting to SaaS doesn’t need to mean overhauling your software

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is now an inescapable trend in the software industry. On the user end, the convenience of web-based software has become a widespread expectation for consumers. For many businesses, it’s a necessity. On the software distributer’s end, SaaS is a bottomless goldmine of recurring revenue. But while the SaaS model allows for ongoing revenue to be made of a single sale, it also presents some major challenges for software companies with legacy programs that were not designed for the cloud.

Converting to SaaS

If your company distributes an on-premise software, the cost of converting it to run in the cloud will be astronomical. Many such companies are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. They’re unable to afford being left in the dust in the SaaS race but also unable to afford a ground-up renovation of their software.

SaaS with Datamark Live

That’s where Datamark Live comes in. It’s a cloud-computing service that migrates legacy and on-premise software to the cloud instantaneously. Datamark Live implements seamless and user-friendly desktop virtualization to offer any software experience over the web. It works with anything, even old FoxPro applications and heavy graphic processing CAD’s. Pricing is competitive and up-front and the Datamark Live team is willing to work hands on with clients to ensure their applications operate as desired in the cloud.
Interested? Great! We’d be happy to put together a free demo to show you your software running on the cloud. To learn more, please take approximately 45 seconds to fill out our contact form.

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