What’s Wrong With the Cloud Market?

The market surrounding cloud technology has been evolving as rapidly as the technology itself. While cloud is undoubtedly the future of computing in business, there are a few kinks to be worked out in the present. The biggest issue right now is that of pricing models.

Wasted Spending

Companies deploying cloud technology are estimated to waste $10 billion in unused instances and storage this year. Here the blame lies with the often complex and confusing pricing models used by major cloud service providers. Companies often experience unexpected surcharges due to a lack of clarity on pricing. Or they may find themselves expending valuable time and resources finding ways to save money within an inconveniently structured pricing model.

This issue is something we wanted to keep in mind when we were putting together our cloud service, Datamark Live. We offer a clear cut by-user, per-month pricing model with no hidden costs or fees at a competitive rate. To learn more (or to recieve a free demo of your software running on the cloud), please take approximately 45 seconds to fill out our contact form or reach out to me directly.

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